Acupuncture to maintain a healthy Pregnancy

Acupuncture to maintain a healthy Pregnancy

Acupuncture to prevent Miscarriage.

At Dan-tien acupuncture clinic we have worked with many couples who have experienced loss through miscarriage. The frequency of miscarriage increases as couples decide to try for babies later in life. Often the exact cause is unknown but the most frequent reason is chromosomal abnormalities. Other possible reasons are structural problems, auto-immune factors and hormonal imbalances. Acupuncture has been shown to help specifically with many of the hormonal and auto immune related reasons for miscarriage. Acupuncture, herbs, dietary changes and supplements can dramatically improve the likelihood of having a baby. Using acupuncture and a tailored diet before conception can also help to reduce the possibility of chromosomal problems with both partners. Acupuncture helps to reduce stress and the negative effects it can have on hormonal levels during pregnancy.

Recurrent miscarriages is where there have been 2 or more miscarriages, investigations into recurring miscarriage often only takes place after 3 losses. results show that losses occur due to various causative factors including: parental chromosomal anomalies, maternal blood clotting disorders, endocrine disorders, autoimmune conditions, and structural uterine anomalies, but for up to 50% of women a causative factor for their repeated pregnancy loss is never found (see article). When there is vaginal bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy, this may indicate a threatened miscarriage, if this occurs acupuncture can be helpful to reduce the chances of miscarriage (it is advised that you first see your Doctor).

In this regard I support couples through their loss and help them to become healthy and strong again so that future pregnancies will be more likely to have a happy conclusion. I also work with couples to prevent recurring miscarriage. I believe in creating a relaxed and caring atmosphere where you will feel positive and nurtured, I teach stress management & relaxation techniques to help with the anxiety & fear during early pregnancy. Research has shown that supportive care in various increases the likelihood of a live birth from 33% to 81%.


I honestly believe the acupuncture re balanced my energies, improved my periods, improved my sense of well-being and prepared my body to successfully carry a pregnancy. I cannot recommend Dave Shipsey highly enough as he is an extremely compassionate , discreet, professional and very skilled acupuncturist.

S. Culbert. Dublin. September 2013