Acupuncture to stop Pain

Acupuncture to stop Pain

Stop Pain with Acupuncture

Pain comes in many different forms and connotations, it can be chronic, acute, severe, stabbing, dull, it can affect different areas, can move from place to place, but whatever its form it is disabling, draining and effects your quality of life. Acupuncture stops pain rapidly or it relieves it whether it is chronic, such as arthritis or, of an acute nature from a sports injury. Dave Shipsey specialises in abdominal acupuncture which is especially powerful at stopping pain and fixing the root cause of the pain, see how I treat shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger pain during a recent demonstration I did while teaching abdominal acupuncture to a group of acupuncturists . I also use Dr. Tan’s balancing and mirror imaging acupuncture techniques and master Tung acupuncture which gives rapid results with fewer needles.  Dave also uses wrist / ankle therapy which can give pain relief instantaneously for up to one week.

Pain is a defence mechanism that warns us of a problem or eminent danger, but sometimes it can take over and we need to get rid of it.

Acupuncture looks at the root of the discomfort and why it is affecting you in whatever form it arises, the objective then is to cure the root cause and stop the pain. Acupuncture is very effective for most forms of pain including ,backache, sciatica, migraine / headache, sports injuries and chronic aches such as Rheumatism and Arthritis. Abdominal acupuncture is often much more effective at stopping pain and results can be immediate and long term.

Pain Management or Eradication?

There are many techniques used to stop your pain at the Dan-tien acupuncture which include traditional, ear, scalp or wrist / ankle acupuncture and sometimes pain management is all that can be achieved.  This obviously gives you great relief and gives a better quality of life it can also mean that medication can be reduced or stopped completely.

Pain eradication is ideally what we strive for, so that you can get back to a fuller lifestyle. This can be achieved through a combination of the above methods and in my experience Abdominal acupuncture (see my book) makes this goal a more realistic and achievable one.