Addiction to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes can be treated well using acupuncture. The number of sessions necessary to become drug alcohol or cigarette free will depend on the level of dependency and the substance being abused. Dave has been working with addiction and the resulting withdrawal symptoms for many years. He has worked with all types of drug addiction including Heroin, Methadone, Cocaine, Crack, Methadrone, Marijuana, Benzodiazapines (Benzo’s), Codiene and other prescription and OTC drugs. Dave also works with alcohol abuse and cigarette addiction.

Dave uses various forms of acupuncture including abdominal, Dr. Tan’s balancing method & Ear to ensure the best results. He also uses relaxation techniques including meditation, buteyko breathing & Qi Gong, Dave uses EFT to help  empower you to deal with difficult situations.

Withdrawal from any substance can have various symptoms ranging from anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, & depression, night sweats to all over body cramps and headaches, each of your individual complications will be addressed so that your body becomes balanced again after years of substance abuse.

Quitting smoking usually requires 2 sessions and involves using traditional acupuncture and ear acupuncture to stop cravings and remove the toxins to strengthen the lung function once again. Emotional freedom techniques are also used and ear stress balls are left in place to help reduce or alleviate your cravings.

If you would like to discuss anything relating to the above please feel free to call me on 0879618344 or email me at [email protected]

Acupuncture -quit smoking
I went to Dave for help to stop smoking. I did a few courses of acupuncture with him in February and am still off them! He also gave me great advice and tips on how to keep going through the tough times. Relaxed and professional – really knows what he’s about! I was so glad I went to him. I recommend Dave without hesitation!
Jerome – Dublin – Ireland

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