Asthma & Allergies

Stop Asthma, Allergies and Snoring

As a lifelong sufferer of Asthma I have a deep understanding of the difficulties breathing problems can cause on a day to day basis. I am now completely symptom free and no longer suffer with exercise induced or allergy type asthma which has opened up a whole new lease of life for me. My asthma and dust mite allergy cure came in the form of a combination of acupuncture treatments & Buteyko breathing techniques. I no longer suffer with recurring chest infections and cough, colds and flu are no longer a problem for me. I am no longer dependent on medication to keep my asthma under control, I simply breathe my way back to health and you can learn to do this too at Dan-tien.

With my experience as an acupuncturist, Buteyko breathing teacher and Qi gong practitioner I have developed a unique system for stopping asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. Treatments are usually done on a weekly basis and the format will depend on your individual needs. Initially acupuncture and Chinese cupping therapy may be necessary to clear phlegm and restore better lung function and clear Sinusitis, nasal drip, bronchitis and allergy type symptoms. Each session will also include breathing techniques and you will be taught acupressure points that will help to alleviate your symptoms. The Buteyko breathing method will re train you so that your breathing will be more efficient and will correct bad breathing patterns so that after a 5 week course you should be asthma free and benefit from better energy, improved sleep and a whole host of other health benefits. You are encouraged to involve your G.P. or asthma specialist in this process so that your medication can be changed, reduced or completely eliminated with their blessing.  For those who also suffer with sleep apnea or snoring a combination of acupuncture, cupping and buteyko breathing will usually correct this within 5-8 weeks.

A recent report in the UK indicates that up to 1 million cases of asthma may have been misdiagnosed, that is a lot of un- necessary medication being prescribed, these people could most likely be cured of their breathing problems with a simple course of Buteyko breathing re-training

If you would like to discuss any respiratory problems or have a free consultation please email me at [email protected]

He hasn’t had a chest infection since and his breathing is perfect. Thanks to Dave for his patience and playful way of teaching Sean how to get rid of his asthma.
A. Dunne – March 2012 – Dublin – Ireland

The whole experience was very good and peaceful Immediately after the first session I could feel the difference and breath through my nose – which before was almost impossible.

Peter D July 2013 – Dublin – Ireland

A testimonial left on Google August 2018

Michele Renzullo

2 days ago

I am really grateful to Dave. I developed asthma and a bad cough that was lasting for months. Nothing worked, antibiotics, other medicines. I was really down. In 3 sessions I recovered. It seemed kind of a miracle. I wouldn’t believe If I hadn’t experienced my self. Thanks

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