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Dave Shipsey

Dave Shipsey

B.Sc(Hons)Grad Dip C.Ac., A.Ac Nanjing (China), Dip. Tuina Massage and Dip Buteyko Breathing. M.A.F.P.A. ,M.B.B.A.

I am a Science graduate a registered acupuncturist a hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. I am an author (Mastering the art of Abdominal Acupuncture, a concise guide to treating all manner of painful conditions), an International acupuncture trainer and Buteyko Breathing teacher.

I qualified as an acupuncturist in 2000 after completing full time training programmes at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Nanjing, China. I completed 1 year of Clinical and medical acupuncture internships in some of the major city of Nanjing hospitals. I worked with eminent doctors, gaining experience in women’s health, pain management, neurological conditions, digestive and fertility problems .

I trained as a hypnotherapist with a number of schools and have worked with some of the most revered Hypnotist’s in the world.

My main focus is to stop pain of all types and to help couples to achieve their goal of getting pregnant, including physical, emotional and limiting self beliefs.

My book is available on Amazon here:

Mastering the Art of Abdominal Acupuncture


I have a clinic in Dublin, you can find more information here:



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