Buteyko Breathing to stop Asthma/Allergy

Buteyko Breathing to stop Asthma/Allergy

Buteyko Breathing to stop asthma/allergy.

Buteyko breathing is a simple system that re-trains you to correct bad breathing habits which make you more prone to asthma/allergy. It can help you to decrease asthma/allergy medication by up to 90%.
With better breathing patterns your health will improve within a short period. I use a unique fusion of acupuncture, Buteyko breathing, lifestyle advice, and Qi Gong exercises to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Buteyko Breathing therapy provides safe, effective and drug-free help to those suffering from asthma and other breathing-related conditions including;

1) Asthma
2)Hay fever and rhinitis
3)Cystic fibrosis
4)Persistent cough
11)Panic attacks
12)Sleep apnea

How Buteyko Benefit’s You

  • By improving your breathing, therefore, reduce/stop wheezing, asthma, and allergies
  • Correct breathing will benefit your health in all areas.
  • Your overall energy will get better as you breathe properly
  • Exercise-induced asthma will end with correct breathing.
  • learn to stop an asthma attack by regulating your breathing
  • You can reduce medication (in a controlled manner) as your breathing improves (saving money and no more side effects)
  • Correct breathing will stop snoring & reduce sleep apnoea

What does Buteyko Breathing involve?

You will learn breathing exercises and be given advice on how to improve your condition. The breathing exercises are not physically demanding and the benefits are similar to meditation. Therefore it is suitable for both adults and children.
Buteyko breathing gives you Maximum control with minimum medication. Free yourself or your loved ones of a lifetime’s dependence on asthma medication and the side effects they can have.
Buteyko Breathing is the solution for you and your respiratory problems.
Dave is a Member of The Buteyko breathing association.

Online consultations now available.

Please feel welcome to telephone Dave on 0879618344 to discuss how Buteyko breathing will benefit you.

A testimonial left on Google August 2018

Michele Renzullo

I am really grateful to Dave. I developed asthma and a bad cough that was lasting for months. Nothing worked, antibiotics, other medicines. I was really down. In 3 sessions I recovered. It seemed kind of a miracle. I wouldn’t believe If I hadn’t experienced myself. Thanks