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Centreforce Abdominal Acupuncture introduces “Mastering the art of Abdominal Acupuncture” to train qualified & final year students in this amazing new form of acupuncture. This course will be presented by Dave Shipsey author of the first (and only) English language book on this subject “Mastering the Art of Abdominal Acupuncture” . The two day course is very much hands on and at least 60% of it is of a practical nature to ensure that each participant is confident & proficient in using this new & exciting form to improve their practice and results. the third day is intended for those that have completed the two day or the online course. The advanced day will deal with refining treatments and will introduce BaGua acupuncture and fertility treatments and treating other complicated conditions with abdominal acupuncture.

Hologram of the Turtle used in Abdominal Acupuncture

Hologram of the Turtle used in Abdominal Acupuncture

Next Abdominal Acupuncture Training Course,

  • March 17, 18 & 19 Sydney Australia.
  • May 6, 7 & 8 Dublin


Recent Abdominal Acupuncture courses were a great success and cater for small groups. These courses are small to ensure you get plenty of hands on experience and individual attention. It is ideal for final year students and qualified acupuncturists. See this demonstration video shot by a student during the June 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UKs6jedbmM

“Business has definetely improved as a result of the course. The results are great. I found the course very informative, and well delivered.  The DVD is also a useful tool for guidance and revision.” Deirdre Naughton

You will be one of the first practitioners in Ireland to master the art of Abdominal Acupuncture. Build a bigger, more profitable practice.

You will be at the forefront. Abdominal Acupuncture  (Fu Zhen) is one of the greatest revolutions in acupuncture and is taking China by storm.  It is also known as the “Miracle therapy” because the results can be better than traditional acupuncture. You will find it is particularly good for fertility issues, chronic, stubborn and painful conditions. Therapeutic effects are rapid (often within minutes) and are long lasting.

You will provide amazing results. You will become a cutting-edge practitioner in Europe by learning the art of abdominal acupuncture. You will amaze your clients with the incredible results you achieve for them. see demo Abdominal acupuncture treating neck , shoulder and wrist pain

Here’s how Centreforce Abdominal Acupuncture benefits you and your practice;

  • You will experience better efficacy than with traditional acupuncture alone, therefore you have more satisfied customers, increased goodwill and attract more clients.
  • Your needling will become practically pain free.
  • 95% of clients prefer this method.
  • You will achieve faster results. Your client’s will generally experience a decrease in their pain within minutes. This will be to their amazement which prompts them to tell others leading to even more clients.
  • The method employs safer shallower needling.
  • This modern, revolutionary technique is based on thousands of years of TCM development.
  • You will find it especially good for painful, stubborn and chronic conditions.
  • It is an incredibly powerful new technique for your practice. Difficult conditions respond to Abdominal Acupuncture where other methods fail. Faster, more profitable results.
  • Your client’s will benefit from more profound and diverse side benefits with AA.
  • You will discover that it is easier to administer and treat more complaints at once.
  • Its gentle nature makes it an ideal treatment for your clients with weak or deficient constitutions.
  • This course is awarded for 4 CPD points from the AFPA and for 14 points from the ACI.

You will master the art of “Getting to the point” TM

Centreforce’s Mastering the art of Abdominal Acupuncture is the first course of its kind to be run in Ireland. The course will run over 2 days and will equip you with an understanding of Abdominal Acupuncture and how to use it to get the best results for many channel problems. It will be approximately 40% theory and 60% supervised hands on practical. You will learn the subtle nature of Abdominal Acupuncture’s needling techniques. There will be live demonstrations and case histories to show you the true power of abdominal acupuncture. You will be competent to use this method on completion of this course to treat most painful conditions.

From the leading exponent of the art of abdominal acupuncture

Dave Shipsey was the first acupuncturist to bring Abdominal  acupuncture to Ireland in 2001. He has completed 3 internships with the revered Dr Han in Nanjing over a six year period. Internships were of 12, 6 & 4 weeks duration, allowing Dave to nurture and develop the sensitivity and intuition necessary for this form of acupuncture.

Dave is an international trainer and has taught in Europe, USA and Australia.

Be a part of the Revolution, learn the art of Centreforce Abdominal Acupuncture and improve your therapeutic results and thus your practice.

Here’s what our participants of the 3 day course in Australia said: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=Qo8-ReszUFg


Cyrille Bonnard

I really enjoyed this course information was clear and concise I will definitely try to use it in my clinic.

Aine Delaney

Great course, Dave is very passionate about his work. Great content and lots of good practical tips. Feel we have a good combination of theory and practice can’t wait to try it out on my patience.

David Boyle

I attended the course with an open mind and came away with an appreciation for abdominal acupuncture and would highly recommend it to all my, colleagues.

Mairead Fahy

My head is stuffed with information I really enjoyed the teacher and the content! Amazing results!

Paul Chedgey

The teaching was clear and to the point and I am excited to start using this type of acupuncture which is effective armed comfortable for patients.

Susan Graham

I found both the course and the presentation very informative and very relaxed pace. I will definitely be using abdominal acupuncture in my clinic’s.

“Friendly atmosphere. Informative and gives me another angle on Acupuncture.”

“Spoke well and clearly –explained everything, generous with knowledge! Answered all questions, practical and down to earth”

“The small no’s are best – so continue you’re doing a good job – keep it up!”

Catherine Richardson

“The course was very hands on and easy to follow. It was a privilege to benefit from Dave’s years of study and experiences. Thank you”

Yuki Kobayashi

“As a new form of acupuncture that can be used to enhance my clinical practice-excellent. Will be using next week”

Michael Logan

“I liked the fact that the mystery was taken out of AA and how easy it is”

“Very knowledgeable and generous with information”

“The weekend was fantastic. AA is one of the nicest/painless treatments I have ever experienced. Thanks Dave”

Carol Kenny

“Dave you are doing a great job – so keep it up”

Dorinda Flannery

“Many thanks Dave. Even though I studied Abdominal Acupuncture in China during my internship, I needed some reassurance of its benefits, which the course provided.”

Mary Gribbin


Contact Dave Shipsey 087-9618344 or at [email protected]

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