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Relieve shoulder tension with cupping

What is Chinese Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is an intergral component of Traditional Chinese medicine  (TCM) and is used as a means of stimulating acupuncture points alone or on top of needles. The cups used are often glass and use a vacum, created by running a flame through the cup (to burn off the oxygen) and then placing the cup over the skin (usually on back and shoulder points althought not exclusively).

The cups suck the skin and muscle in the area they are placed giving a warm tight feeling which encourages the movement of qi and blood to the area. This has the effect of delivering nutrients and immune cells to repair and thus relieve back shoulder and joint pain. Benefits are similar to massage.

Benefits of Chinese Cupping

  • Relieves  tired and sore muscles
  • Relaxes muscles and sinews
  • Clears mucus and helps stop cough and asthma
  • Stimulates important acupuncture points
  • Nourishes muscles, sinews and skin (moves Qi and Blood)
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Helps to clear toxins
  •  Stimulate the colon and digestion
  • Helps to reduce stretch marks

Cupping is used in many other natural therapies and it is a pleasant therapy that can be used on adults and children alike.

Cupping is often used to clear phlegm and mucus from the chest and to stop cough. It is incredibly powerful and clearing phlegm and relieving respiratory conditions such as asthma. I have used it on clients with Cycstic Fibrosis and they have acknowledged that cupping gave the best relief of all therapies previously used. I have used cupping on babies as young as 6 months to help clear coughs and colds and they respond very well to the treatment and quite enjoy it.

Sliding cups is another popular technique used where glass cups are placed onto the the skin with a layer of oil on it. The oil acts as a lubricant so that the cups can be moved up and down muscle groups to give great relief from tension and pain. Sliding cups is also used to clear excessive heat.

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