Dantien Acupuncture, where your health matters.

Dantien Acupuncture, where your health matters.

Dantien Acupuncture, where your health & safety matters.

Welcome to Dantien where your health comes first.

We are open again and ready to help with all of your health needs. Your health and safety remain our priority so we have gone beyond the Covid19 compliance requirements for your added safety.

Here’s what’s new.

We have been working hard to ensure your safety in a comfortable relaxing environment.

  1. We have installed HEPA air filters with UVC light that will remove and neutralise any airborne Covid19 particles.
  2. Improved Ventilation in each room.
  3. I am fully vaccinated with 3 doses of Pfizer mRNA vaccine.
  4. Stringent cleaning and sanitising is conducted between clients.
  5. Rooms are sanitised with UVC sterilisation lights at the end of each day.
  6. I have completed the W.H.O and Barbacide Covid 19 sanitising certifications.
  7. There are now just two treatment rooms, instead of three.
  8. Appointments will be on a stricter time schedule.
  9. I will be wearing a mask and request that you wear your own face-covering too.

You can arrange a virtual consultations for conditions including Asthma, COPD, Allergies, Sleep Apnea, and other respiratory conditions. Anxiety and fatigue can also be treated virtually via a one -to- one video call.

Because of all these measures, I hope that you will find your acupuncture experience as enjoyable and relaxing as before. You can enjoy the benefits of acupuncture in total security and privacy. Your health is my priority and while there have been some changes, this remains the focus of Dantien acupuncture.