Free Tips to prevent Allergies

Free Tips to prevent Allergies such as Hay fever

How to enjoy summer sunshine without suffering with Hay fever & other allergies.

Wouldn’t it be great to able to comfortably enjoy the beautiful sunshine, warm weather and beautiful colours and scents of summer blooms, without being bothered by allergic asthma or hayfever. This article is intended to help you avoid allergic rhinitis and asthma by teaching you some acupressure, massage and Buteyko breathing techniques to help you to minimise the effects of allergic triggers such as pollen, dust, moulds and animal dander. I am an acupuncturist , author and Buteyko breathing teacher, I no longer suffer with allergies or asthma, you too can become symtom free by using these simple and powerful methods of controlling symptoms. If you are suffering with chronic or acute asthma / hayfever or other allergies you may require a few sessions of acupuncture and Buteyko breathing to stop your symptoms and tailor a program for your specific needs, so that you can manage your condition in the long term. Please feel free to contact me (Ph: 0879618344) with any queries. Enjoy the summer.

Follow these simple tips and you should be able to enjoy a summer without red irritated eyes, a runny nose, sore throat and or wheezing.

What is hay fever & what causes it.

Hay fever is an immune reaction to allergens such as pollen, moulds, animal Dander etc., which are released and carried in the air in high concentrations in warm dry, windy, weather. Pollen is often still present in the air on cold days but usually in lower concentrations, wet weather tends to soak up these airbourne particles and prevent them from floating through the air and entering the body. If there are no allergens entering the body the allergic symptoms are minimal or non- existent. It is important to control your exposure to your triggers by following the advice below.

These microscopic pollens, animal dander, mould or dust particles over stimulate the immune system which sees them as a threat and tries to neutralise them by a cascade of events which involves many reactions including the release of Histamine from immune system mast cells. This chain of events results in the mucus cells of the nose and the cells around the eyes producing increasing amounts of mucus and tears, the throat and airways can become irritated and blocked also as the immune response tries to stop this apparent threat posed. The resulting symptoms can be similar to those of a cold or flu, and have a dramatic effect on the sufferer’s quality of life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s interpretation.

Hay fever and similar type allergies are usually caused by wind and often dampness usually combined with cold or heat. There is usually an underlying weakness with the Spleen and Lung resulting in the formation of dampness and phlegm. Acupuncture, diet, and patent herbs can quickly address the causes to eliminate the wind damp and other causative factors while nourishing the underlying weakness of the lung & spleen.

Avoid the Triggers / Allergens

  • Breathe through your nose (see below for nose clearing exercises), it filters the air, if necessary use petroleum gel at the end of the nostrils to trap excess allergens.
  • Avoid areas of high concentration of what you are allergic to. (Find out what it is you are allergic to).
  • Keep windows closed and use air conditioners where necessary.
  • Use tumble dryers or dry clothes indoors when the pollen count is high.
  • Wear wrap round sun glasses when out to avoid allergens entering the eyes.
  • If it is dust mite get rid of areas they accumulate in such as carpets & thick curtains or keep a barrier between them and you, use dust covers on your bed.
  • If you have a problem with mould be sure to keep areas that mould grows clean.
  • Shower before bed to avoid allergens on you getting on bed clothes and aggravating you at night.
  • Regularly clean animals that cause your allergies, you can even vacumn (use HEPA filtered vacumn cleaners) excess animal dander from pets (careful with cats!!) and carpets.


Self Maintenance to reduce allergic symptoms

(Please don’t attempt this if you have any neck problems.)

  • Nodding

In a comfortable upright seated position synchronise your breathing as you nod your head up and down. Start with your chin as close to your chest as you can and as you raise your head up towards the ceiling breath in at your normal rate. Breathe out as you lower your head to the position you started in. Repeat this procedure about 8 times. You should be relaxed and your nose should feel clearer at the end of this, if not, repeat this and use the other methods listed below to improve the results . Once your nose is clear, keep it clear and breathe through it, it acts as a filter to prevent most allergens getting into your lungs. Nose breathing also produces Nitric Oxide which prevents infections and acts as a bronco – dilator.

  • Acupressure

Press firmly on acupuncture point LI 4 (Hegu) (it should feel sore) which is found at the end of the crease between the Thumb and forefinger when the thumb is pressed against the index finger, pressure should be maintained for 3-4 minutes on each side. Don’t use this point if you are pregnant.

Press the points UB2 (Zanzhu) just above the inner canthus (corner) of your eyes, almost at the medial (inner) end of the eyebrow you will find a small tender depression press firmly here for a couple of minutes.

Press on points St2 (Sibai) which are found approximately 1 inch below the pupil when your eyes are looking straight ahead. Feel for the small depression and press into it for a couple of minutes, don’t press too hard!


  • Massage


From the middle of the eyebrows acupuncture point Yintang gently but firmly across the eyebrows for a couple of minutes.

Both sides of the nose from just below the inner canthus of the eyes to the end of the nostrils, you can use gentle pressure with your thumb in fluid strokes alongside your nose (use a little powder or oil on your thumbs to prevent friction burns).

Use massage and acupressure points at least twice a day, especially before bed.

 Chinese Herbs and other remedies

  • Bi Yan Pian
  • Locally produced honey a teaspoon per day helps to de sensitise you to the common pollens in your area.

Common Medication for allergic hayfever

Anti histamines and mast cell stabilisers such as Sodium Chromo glycates in the form of eye & nasal drops are often used as the first line of defence to try and suppress this over stimulated immune system. They can be beneficial in the short term, but often lose their potency over time.


This article is aimed at helping you to control allergic hayfever and asthma symptoms, it is intended as a guide and not a substitute to what you have been advised by your G.P. If you wish to contact me to learn Buteyko breathing and have acupuncture to treat the root cause of your problems please feel free to do so. I will design a treatment plan to address your particular needs so that your symptoms are no longer an issue and in most cases you will be able to reduce, change or stop using pharmaceuticals for your condition.


Author; Dave Shipsey B.Sc Biology(Hons), Grad Dip., C. Ac, A. Ac, M.A.F.P.A., M.B.B.A.   

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