Relieve Insomnia with Acupuncture.

Acupuncture and TCM have great success in treating insomnia and the related symptoms so that your sleep and wellbeing improves. Treatment will look at your diagnosis and will treat the root cause of the insomnia so that all the other symptoms such as physical and mental fatigue, anxiety, stress, depression , palpitations and even restless leg syndrome will cease.

Insomnia can be diffculty in falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep or getting any depth of sleep. It affects about 50% of the population occasionally and approximately 10% of the population have chronic insomnia. It can cause other problems such as fatigue, lack of concentration, headache, irritability, depression and anxiety and over prolonged periods of time insomnia can really affect one’s quality of life.

At Dan-tien we will tailor treatment for you and will combine various forms of acupuncture including abdominal acupuncture & global balancing acupuncture, with other techniques including massage, meditation and breathe work to get the best results for you. We will also advise you on simple techniques and lifestyle changes that will assist you to maintain a healthy sleep pattern. We can also put ear seeds on your ear which you can stimulate to help put you in a relaxed state and improve your sleep. These ear seeds (or magnetic balls) can be left in place for about 1 week.

There are often a number of factors that contribute to poor sleep and it is a good idea to look at your night time routine to help make it more conducive to a relaxed state before going to bed. In this respect we might suggest a few changes to your routine such as not eating before going to bed, giving yourself space to wind down and avoid stimulation from TV or computers. It might also help to do some gentle relaxation techniques such as a body scan, Buteyko breathing or a short meditation. Vigorous exercise in the evening can be too stimulating for some people and obviously avoid coffee and other stimulants after 12.00 or 1.00 in the afternoon.


I no longer take sleeping tables to help me sleep I had being taken them for four years.

Parker Oct 2014 – Dublin – Ireland

I am still sleeping well and am a lot calmer than i used to be. Dave is an amazing healer and is excellent at what he does.

Gwen Traynor August 2014 – Dublin – Ireland

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