Massage at Dan-tien

Relieve tired and sore muscles, relax and de-stress. Anna offers massage using oils or a massage balm, combining her training in holistic massage and also in Shiatsu to give you a therapeutic massage. She is able to give a relaxing treatment or if you wish she  can use a stronger, firmer pressure working specifically on problem areas to relieve pain and injury. She works intuitively and adapts the massage to your individual needs.

“I’ve tried many masseurs in my company, but Anna is my favourite by a mile! I am lucky to enjoy her treatments on a weekly basis and every time I look forward to my appointment with her. Anna has a great knowledge and sensitivity for the body and it takes her a look – before even a touch – to understand the problem areas a person might have. I always say that Anna can ‘read’ my body and act wonders with her strong but still delicate hands. Anna constantly helps me relieve the pain I have in my shoulders and when she’s massaging me it’s like she can read my mind by knowing exactly which are the spots I need her to work on. This makes a massage perfect, cause you can complete rely on her expertise.  I definitely encourage everyone to let Anna massage you, you won’t be disappointed! ”    

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