Acupuncture to treat Menopause

Acupuncture has treated the various conditions related to menopause with great success for millenia. With the onset of the change many women experience uncomfortable variations in temperature in the form of “hot flushes” or night sweats there is no reason that you should have to continue to experience hot flushes acupuncture can help to clear this heat so that these flushes do not recur. Menopause can also lead to anxiety, depression and insomnia in some cases, only about 15-25% of women’s menopausal symptoms warrant a visit to their GP or health practitioner. See this link for evidence based research showing the benefits of acupuncture in treating menopause

Night sweats are a common occurrence with the onset of Menopause and can be very uncomfortable and disturb sleep, acupuncture can stop night sweats often within one or 2 treatments and prevent them from recurring and aiding you to get a full nights sleep.

Menopause is a natural transition and acupuncture and TCM enable you to balance the hormones so that there are not so many uncomfortable spikes leading to excessive heat symptoms such as sweats, flushes and dryness. At Dan-tien Complementary Health Studio we will advise you on dietary or herbal supplements that will help to ensure that your body returns to a more comfortable balance. Many women may also experience some degree of Osteporosis resulting in the bones becoming less dense and thus weaker, often women will experiece joint pain also with the menopause, acupuncture dietary and lifestyle changes will help to allieviate all these symptoms. follow this link for more information on menopause and osteoporosis

Menopause is a condition that I regularly treat and is one that I always feel priveleged to be able to help stop the uncomfortable night sweats within a very short time (often 1 or 2 treatments). Clients often comment that they have put up with these symptoms for months or years because they presumed that, that is how it is meant to be. Menopause is a natural transition, and we aim to keep it as natural as possible. In many countries women don’t have menopausal conditions because of their diet and lifestyle.

At Dan-tien acupuncture clinic we will help you to resolve all manner of menopausal symptoms & make your transition more comfortable and pleasant. Please contact us with any queries we are delighted to help.

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