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Dave Shipsey is a registered acupuncturist with over seventeen years in practice he has an honours degree in Biological Science. He is an Author and international teacher of Abdominal Acupuncture. Dave specialises in treating all types of painful conditions (both acute and Chronic). He studied acupuncture full time at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing China he also completed 1 year of Clinical and medical acupuncture internships at some of the major city of Nanjing hospitals where he worked with eminent doctors, gaining experience in women’s health, pain management, stroke rehabilitation, neurological conditions, cancer management, digestive and fertility problems. Dave is continuously furthering his acupuncture knowledge and has trained with many of the world experts so that you can be assured that you will achieve the best therapeutic results possible. Our aim is to heal your pain



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DanTien FAQ

How does acupuncture work?
Acupuncture works in many different ways it encourages and enhances the bodies natural healing mechanisms this can be achieved by improving the blood flow and thus the bodies natural healing cells including immune system cells which remove diseased and / or repair damaged cells. By improving the circulation in the area blood and nutrients can help to nourish and replenish damaged muscles, bones, tendons ligaments and joints. Acupuncture also stimulates the brain to release endorphins which can give pain relief but can also help Direct the body and internal organs to repair themselves. Acupuncture has also been shown to regulate the bodies hormone and blood and nervous systems and so the potential to correct all manner of problems including digestive, metabolic, immune, emotional and reproductive issues. Please contact me if you wish to know how we can help you.
Is there any Scientific proof?
With more modern scientific techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging and Scans of different areas of the brain it is possible to see the real-time effects that acupuncture has on the human Brain and thus throughout the body. There have been numerous Studies that have shown acupuncture to be powerful treatment for sciatica fertility problems muscle and joint pain arthritis anxiety blood pressure and heart issues and digestive and neurological problems. There have also been many scientific experiments that have been inconclusive are negative about acupuncture this is often due to the western Scientific parameters which demands that the same protocol be used over and over, because the Chinese diagnostic method is so detailed the same simple headache might be treated using eight or in 10 different treatment protocols so that the one limousine treatment protocol being tested Will only work in 10% of the cases. In many ways Western medicine is only beginning to collect catch up with Chinese medical theory we now recognised in the west that the abdomen is our second brain the Chinese have always acknowledged that the abdomen is where our life force resides. It is also a great reservoir of healing potential which is utilised using abdominal acupuncture.
Is acupuncture a science?
Yes acupuncture has a scientific basis although the theory is different to conventional Western ideas about the workings of the human body. Chinese medical theory believes that there is no separation between mind and body, the environment we live in how we eat and the emotional impacts of daily life all of which can have a profound effect on our health. The first books to be written in human history are Chinese medical reference books these days back almost 3000 to 4000 years. The Chinese have always had a deeper understanding of anatomy and internal medicine. Since these first books were written observation off in various illness and anatomical problems has led to tried and tested effective methods of ensuring good health.
Why would I choose to go to Dave Shipsey?
I have been in practice for over 18 years and studied primarily in Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine, China during which time I spent over one year with various eminent doctors in their hospital.
Are there any side effects to acupuncture treatment?
Yes there can be, but these are minor, occasionally you will get bruise from the insertion site. Sometimes your symptoms can be aggravated for a short period of time as a result of your body responding to the treatment this is often referred to as the “healing crisis” and usually is a good indication that you are recovering. You may feel tired after treatment which is an indication that your body needs to utilize all its healing resources to get you back to full health by resting this will speed up your recovery. Usually patients feel relaxed and de-stressed and often have the best nights sleep after treatment.
Does acupuncture hurt?
For the main acupuncture is painless, particularly abdominal acupuncture which I use 85% of the time, occasionally you will feel a slight pinch as the very fine (hair thick) needle is inserted. With other acupuncture points on the arms and legs the sensation can be one of heaviness an ache or tingling, it is never an acupuncturist intention to cause pain our job is to stop pain and illness.
Are needles reused?
Never, all needles are sterile, one use only.
How big are the needles?
The needles are very fine 30 acupuncture needles into one hypodermic (injection) needle tip.
Is acupuncture covered by health insurance in Ireland?
Yes Dantien acupuncture is registered with the AFPA and therefore if you have the relevant health Insurance scheme you should be entitled to up to 50% back on between eight and 10 treatment sessions.
Does Dantien acupuncture adhere to a code of practice and code of ethics?
Yes absolutely as a member of the AFPA professional acupuncture body we must adhere to a strict code of practice and ethics.
Will my treatment being conducted in privacy or do I share a room with many others?
Yes you will have your own room which is comfortable and secure treatments are done on a one to one basis of course if you want to bring somebody with you for support you are more than welcome to do so. the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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