Pre-birthing Acupuncture

Pre-birthing Acupuncture

Pre-birthing acupuncture has been used for millenia. Over the last few decades it has been refined and researched to give the best possible  results. Treatments usually run over 4 weeks from week 36-40 and will assist you and your baby to prepare for a natural birthing process.  The treatments will be individually tailored to cater for your specific needs so that you are in the best possible condition mentally and physically for this wonderful journey.

What the research on pre-birthing acupuncture shows.

Research conducted in 2004 by Debra Betts and a midwife colleague in Australia with 169 women, concluded

  • ·         35% reduction in the  number of chemical inductions overall.
  • ·         43% reduction in the  number of chemical inductions for first time mothers.
  • ·         32% fewer epidurals.
  • ·         32% reduction in the number of emergency caesarean deliveries.
  • ·         9% increase in the number of normal vaginal births.

Benefits of pre-birthing acupuncture

  •          Prepares you for a natural delivery.
  •          Has been shown to reduce the average birthing time.
  •          Reduces the need for medical intervention.
  •          Can reduce the overdue delivery time.
  •          Reduces fears or anxiety.
  •          Assists in correcting Breech babies and helps your baby to engage.
  •          Can be tailored to treat any complications such as back ache and Pelvic Dysfunction.

At Dan-tien complementary health studio we have tailored our pre birthing course based on research and training by Debra Betts, Zita West and renowned Doctors in China including Dr. Qiao, Dr. Yan Han and other renowned authors such as Maciocia Giovanni. We also incorporate practical advice and techniques to ensure that your birthing process is memorable for all the right reasons.

If you would like to discuss our pre-birthing options please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


I was told that as my baby was not in position that I would probably need a caesarean section. I had acupuncture with Dave and sure enough I gave birth naturally 2 days later. My Doctor commented that he fully expected me to need a caesarean section, but I dared not tell him that I had gone for acupuncture.

Julie Sept 2012 – Dublin – Ireland

Baby ended up turning after the accupuncture with only a small bit of help the obstetrician and arrived head first into the world yesterday. Jacob a little boy as you predicted! thanks for everything. Julie C

Julie C May 2014 – Dublin – Ireland


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