Relieve Sports Injuries

Acupuncture for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can affect all from your professionals, enthusiasts ” Men of Aran” to your “weekend warrior”. The injuries encountered are usually acute muscular skeletal, involving muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and / or joints. Some of these injuries are of repetitive nature and arise as a result of a weakness in the area acupuncture can nourish and strengthen vulnerable sports injuries. Acupuncture is ideal for treating sports related injuries because the affected area does not have to be touched which is especially good when there is local swelling and bruising. Follow this link for evidence based research on the benefits of acupuncture on sports injuries

How acupuncture benefits sports injuries.

  • It relieves pain
  • Aids in the overall recovery
  • Speeds up the recovery of the affected Muscle, ligament, joint, tendon or Bone.
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Releases muscle spasm
  • Relieves sprains 
  • Improves circulation allowing more nutrients and repair cells to the affected site, and removing dead and toxic cells from the injury.
  • Improves Joint mobility
  • Strengthens any weakness so that injuries don’t re-occur

Most acute sprains, strains twists or pulls react extremely well and quickly to acupuncture and in particular abdominal acupuncture which will reduce any inflammation, release muscle spasm, relieve sprains improve blood and qi flowing to the affected area thus supplying the area with nutrients, and essential elements for tissue repair, improved circulation to the area also helps removing any toxins and dead tissue. Acupuncture will also speed up the recovery time and strengthen muscles tendons and ligaments and free up joints to improve mobility. Dave uses a wide variety of acupuncture techniques including Dr. Tan and master Tung acupuncture to ensure the best results for sports injuries.


“After one session (6 recommended) I was perfectly able to play TWO matches in one week!! He’s a revelation.”

Maurice Ryan.

Dave cured my knee problems by working through the abdominals in a perfectly pain free manner meant my recovery time was far shorter and it did not impede on my sporting life at all. I have been to countless physical therapists of different varieties over the years however none of them have come close to the resounding, long term positive effect Dave’s abdominal acupuncture has had.

Conor Corccoran August 2014 – Dublin – Ireland

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