Stroke Rehabilitation

Acupuncture for Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke affects over 10,000 people a year in Ireland 2,000 of whom will die as a result. The after affects of Stroke can be wide and varied. Acupuncture and especially abdominal acupuncture treat all affects of stroke in a gentle and powerful way to relieve paralysis and the underlying anger and frustration that can occur as a result of stroke. At Dan-tien we will combine the above forms of acupuncture with other micro forms including scalp and Dr Tan balancing to guarantee the best possible results. Dave is available to do home or hospital visits.

Acupuncture treatment for the affects of stroke

Acupuncture is used within the first week of a stroke occurring in China and the results are incredible. While studying in Chinese hospitals approximately 40% of patients were treated for paralysis (Hemiplegia) due to stroke, the type of problems included

  • Paralysis of the face
  • Drooping eye and / or eye brow
  • Drooping of the mouth
  • Paralysis of limbs
  • Difficulty in talking
  • Confusion
  • Anger and depression
  • Loss of independence

Acupuncture treatment will give results up to a year after the stroke and will give best results within 6 months, the earlier you are treated the better. The type of results that can be expected include.

  • Resolution of facial paralysis
  • Correct eye and mouth problems
  • Stop dribbling and watery eyes
  • Return strength and mobility to the affected limbs (the degree of which depends on numerous factors)
  • Improvement in mental faculties (dependant on severity)
  • Reduction of anger and depression (with the return of control and independence)
  • Less dependence on others and ideally total independence

It is difficult to be exact with the results that will be achieved with individual cases, suffice to say the results I have got with clients have resulted in all of the above. This is an area that I feel very passionate about I have seen people come full circle, from initially having to be supported into the clinic due to complete paralysis down one side leading to dribbling and recurring eye infections because of reduced ability to blink. I have been privileged to see clients regain control of the affected areas so that they were able to walk into the clinic unsupported with their self esteem and dignity returned within a couple of months.


My wife has been combining Dave’s treatment with some TCM medicine and while we could not swear on the bible that all her improvement is down to Dave, it’s a helluva coincidence that her improvement has come about after Dave’s treatment, we know how hard it is to recover from brain injury / stroke and we would never mislead anybody but we are convinced that Dave’d treatment has helped.

George – Oct 2011 – Dublin – Ireland

Please contact me if you or a loved one recently have recently been affected by stroke the possibilities are endless. Rest assured that acupuncture will not compromise another conventional therapies and can be used in conjunction with other medical techniques.

See this link for evidence based research on Acupuncture for stroke recovery


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