Why I love Acupuncture – Cancer

Why I love Acupuncture – Cancer

Using acupuncture to treat Cancer


Acupuncture is a gentle, comprehensive and powerful form of medicine for those suffering with cancer. It works on many different levels including the physical and emotional. Acupuncture works by treating the root cause of the cancer and also aims at alleviating the symptoms as they arise. Acupuncture treatments are tailored to deal with the individual’s strengths and weaknesses on a daily basis. For this reason acupuncture is an ideal treatment to use solely or in combination with other therapies and can also be used to reduce many of the side effects, including nausea, fatigue and hot flushes, due to a heavy duty pharmaceutical protocol such as radiation, chemotherapy and other medications. Since acupuncture does not introduce any potentially toxic substances to an already weakened body it can be used at any stage of treatment to nourish, strengthen and heal those suffering with cancer.


When I first opened my practice Dan-tien complementary health studio, almost 15 years ago one of my first clients was suffering with a severe form of cancer which caused intense pain in his hip and back and also resulted in many headaches and sleepless nights as a result of the five tumors located in different areas of his body. I worked with John (not his real name) over a period of a number of months, our acupuncture sessions often went over an hour as we sat and talked about all aspects of life, he taught me so much about appreciating the little things in life. I will always remember his gratitude for giving him days without any pain whatsoever. We also shared an emotional journey as John had some bad days as his condition progressed. As a practitioner I learned to accept my limitations and to realise that sometimes improving the quality of life makes a huge difference to ones cancer journey.


Another client that I worked with suffering from cancer showed his delight with me as he was able to sleep the night after having acupuncture even though the medication that he was on usually left him wired and anxious throughout the night. We shared many lighter moments on topics such as bodily functions and the absolute “RELIEF” of being able to go naturally rather than having to use laxatives, he was especially grateful when he was able to urinate at will allowing him to have a catheter removed.


Patients have shared with me their renewed philosophy on life expectancy and the merits of living life as it comes and yet preparing for death. Acupuncture is a powerful tool to help those with terminal illness but it is not a magic bullet and it can be difficult to accept that ,….. but that is the fragility of life.


Cancer “THE BIG C” even the word instills fear into the majority of us, it is a conversation stopper, or it starts conversations that most of us do not want to have. Like most families, mine has been affected by cancer. Concerned relatives and friends often have ideas (with the best intentions) of how this illness should be tackled and sometimes I find that there can be an overload of suggestions for the person with a diagnosis of cancer for various therapies, nutritional regimes or lifestyle changes that should be used in their fight against cancer. With such a highly complex and emotionally charged decisions, it is important to try to remain as detached as possible and offer assistance with what is the best course of treatment for the individual given their personal circumstances, preferences and personality. It is their fight and they should have control over important decisions as to how to tackle it. As the battle against cancer continues the parameters may change and the therapeutic preferences will also change, it is important to be supportive to your loved ones and assist them with their informed decisions and volunteer suggestions where appropriate.


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