Why I love acupuncture – Drugs

Why I love acupuncture – Drugs

The drugs don’t work

As an acupuncturist working with recovering drug addicts / drugs abusers, I get insights into various aspects of the underworld life of a drug user and the challenges they encounter on a daily basis. Everybody has problems and we all learn to deal with them in different ways.

The client’s I see generally want to become drug-free and while this may not be easy always it is indeed a privilege to be able to ease the paranoia and anxiety of, coming of years of cocaine abuse. Acupuncture combined with Buteyko breathing techniques helps clients to regain some control over their situation and deal better with situations that might otherwise trigger a relapse.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to help somebody overcome the night sweats muscle cramps insomnia and “sickness” they experience when they are going through withdrawals from heroin or its prescribed substitute methadone. It is extremely humbling to be able to see somebody metamorphosize from a “dysfunctional” full-time drug addict to have a fully functional rehabilitated member of society with a renewed zest for life. It is so encouraging to know that people can, and do change and reach their true potential.

It is interesting that the current recession is having a knock on effect on the drug’s that people are abusing now. It is apparent that Cocaine use has declined and Marijuana and prescription drugs are  increasingly becoming a problem. As with Cocaine there is no substitute to ease the withdrawals from Marijuana (not physically addictive!) which makes the role of acupuncture, counselling and coping techniques all the more important in clients becoming drug free.

I work with an incredible team of counsellors, hypnotherapists and other practitioners who willingly share their experiences and help drug users to become drug free.

As this is such a huge subject I would like to do more articles on Marijuana and prescription drug abuse.