Why I Love – Buteyko Breathing for Asthma

Asthma care, it’s in the air

I developed asthma as a result of whooping cough when I was only 2 years old, actually whooping cough is my first memory, and it is one of frustration at the incessant choking cough. The memory is more of an emotional nature and I don’t really remember details of pulling the wall paper off the wall (sorry Mum!). I was often sick with chest infections and asthma as a child and I frequently had trouble sleeping as this was when my asthma seemed to be more pronounced. I was not a very sporty child due to the fact that I got exercise induced asthma, which believe me, would put anyone off running.

Freedom from asthma came late in life for me; I was almost 40 years old when I discovered Buteyko Breathing. It is a drug free breathing re-training programme for asthmatics, and for those suffering with hay fever, and other respiratory conditions such as Emphysema, bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis (CF), sinusitis and C.O.P.D. It has been shown to help those with asthma to reduce their reliever medication by up to 90% (in my case 100%). It involves simple gentle breathing exercises, and advice tailored to your individual needs on how to reduce exposure to triggers, how to manage your symptoms diet & lifestyle tips. The program encourages the co-operation of your G.P. or asthma specialist.

When I finished learning this system I was now in control of my asthma for the first time in my life, it is extremely liberating to realise that you are no longer a slave to asthma medication. Becoming asthma free using these techniques was a painless and on the whole enjoyable experience. Surprisingly for me after intensive training to become a Buteyko breathing teacher I experienced a number of strong emotions including grief, anger and joy. I felt anger and regret that I had not been a sportier child, I also felt that I had missed out on many potential fun activities due to my chronic asthma. Grief in Chinese medicine is the emotion of the lungs, finally being able to unleash my lungs had allowed me to express the repressed grief I had been harbouring since my brother had died years previously. Buteyko Breathing truly has liberated me in many unexpected ways.

As a therapist and a lifelong asthmatic it is particularly satisfying for me to be able to help people recover from respiratory illness. Buteyko Breathing is a simple technique which allows people suffering with asthma, emphysema, cystic fibrosis and other debilitating respiratory problems to become symptom-free and to get the best possible results from a damaged lung system. Having experienced severe asthma attacks I can empathise with my clients who have varying degrees of lung function. It is especially rewarding to see my client’s progress and reduce their symptoms, which often allows them to become fully free of most of their medication. I remember a client of mine called Jane, who was suffering with cystic fibrosis, she originally came to me with a back problem and on one occasion when she came in to the clinic her chest was particularly phelgmy and badly congested, each breath was difficult and had a raspy sound to it. I used some Chinese cupping to help to de-congest and clear the phlegm from her chest. On her next visit Jane shared her joy at having been able to expectorate and spit unashamedly the whole way home from my clinic. She declared that of all the intensive physio sessions as a CF sufferer to decongest her frequently congested chest that the cupping had given her the best results.

Using Buteyko Breathing I have been able to help small children become asthma free and enjoy kids activities without becoming dependent on asthma medication. It is especially heart warming for me to know that a child can be asthma free using simple breathing techniques and realise that they can reverse any asthma symptoms at will after learning Buteyko breathing. Breathing is the most basic of all bodily activities it begins with a slap on the arse at birth and for most people it does not get a second thought throughout the rest of their life. For people with asthma and other respiratory problems breathing can become a struggle and draining chore, all 20,000 odd breathes per day. Buteyko Breathing brings the pleasure back to breathing and allows you to experience how enjoyable and relaxing breathing can be. I use all manner of techniques to ensure the best results including acupuncture, Chinese cupping therapy, Qi Gong, dietary and lifestyle advice along with Buteyko Breathing techniques to ensure the best results for my clients.

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