Moxibustion warming therapy

Moxibustion gives warming comfort

What is Moxibustion?

This is simply the burning of moxa wool (Mugwort) in various ways to heat up areas of the body. It can be burned in a roll form (similar to a cigar or cigarette) that can be held above the desired area of the body until it has warmed it, or it can a small roll can be placed ontop of needles so that the heat is conducted through the needle direct to the acupuncture point. Moxibustion therapy is a pleasant experience and it can be taught to clients or their partners to be administered at home.

When & why is moxibustion used?

It is used to heat areas of the body where cold and or damp is causing problems, for example when joints are more painful on cold or damp days . It is used during pregnancy to turn a breech baby (weeks 34-38). Moxa can be used to treat children who are wetting the bed and it can be used for a multitude of other reasons.

I frequently use moxa heat therapy to turn Breech babies, I also teach clients how to use it effectively to enhance the effect. Moxa therapy to turn breech babies is a comfortable and safe treatment using points on the feet, clients usually feel the baby getting active during treatment and the results usually quite rapid. Recent research has concluded that moxa is more effective at turning breech presentation babies than usual care methods, see article

Moxa can be burned on top of a slice of ginger placed above a salt filled navel to warm the whole body and clear dampness. This treatment is used when there is general lethargy and slugishness. This is very pleasant and energy levels improve quickly. This method is often used to enhance fertility and warm the uterus.

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