Acupuncture to clear Sinus problems

Acupuncture to clear Sinus problems

Acupuncture to clear Sinus problems

Acupuncture is extremely effective at treating all manner of sinus problems. Acupuncture relieves sinusitis rapidly and client’s often feel their sinus’s decongesting and the headache lifting within moments of the treatment beginning. Dave uses various forms of acupuncture including abdominal and Dr. Tan’s global balancing techniques to ensure best results for you. Once the airways are clear I encourage clients to breathe in and out throught the nose and where necessary will teach Buteyko breathing techniques in order to stop recurring sinus problems and related chest infections and cough. For those with allergy type hayfever and / asthma a combination of buteyko breathing acupuncture, cupping and general lifestyle advise will usually result in no further asthma attacks and an end to hayfever. Snoring problems are usually resolved also, unless there is a deviated septum or large polyps.

Understanding The Sinuses and Sinus Infection

Our sinuses are the air-filled spaces in the bones of the face and skull that act as the body’s natural air filter. There are usually four sinuses present on each side. The thin layer of mucus they produce is normally propelled by the cilia, the microscopic pulsating hair cells that line the nose and sinuses. The healthy mucus thereby flows freely into the nose and is designed to moisten the air we breathe, as well as trap and remove inhaled pollutants such as dust, mold, viruses and bacteria that we breathe in, so reducing all sinus problems.


Sinus infection or inflammation can occur for a number of different reasons and can cause blockages which can become stuffy and lead to congestion and pain in the face and forehead accompanied by a thumping headache. Some suffer with nasal drip that often leads to throat and upper respiratory infections. As if that wasn’t enough sufferers often snore and have difficulty sleeping.

Dan-tien Stopping  Sinusitis and allergic Rhinitis


“Excellent. Dave made me feel very at ease and my sinusitis cleared up within three sessions. I would highly recommend Dave.”

Marion C

“I first attended Dave at Dan-tien because of severe sinusitis. When I went home that night it was as if someone

had switched on a tap in my nose. My nose began to run and didn’t stop until my sinuses were completely clear.

to my delight I no longer have any problem with sinusitis.”