Free yourself of anxiety with hypnotherapy

Free yourself of anxiety with hypnotherapy

I can help you to Free yourself of anxiety with hypnotherapy and other powerful fast and un-intrusive techniques. Since anxiety is coming from your unconscious mind, it makes sense to use your unconscious mind to resolve it. Your unconscious holds the answers and hypnotherapy will give you the access to the solutions. Many people feel that anxiety keeps them safe in some way so I believe in a solution that maintains that protection without the irrational fear.

What if those thoughts didn’t bother you?

Imagine a world where you never had to listen to that “WHAT IF…….” voice in your head. Imagine the graphic full colour, 3D, pictures that anxiety paints for you were no longer visible to you.  Get a sense of a world where the feelings attached to your anxiety no longer had any grip over you. Where you could just change them so that you can regain your power and confidence. As a result you will be empowered in those situations that previously were unbearable to even contemplate.

Because it can be your reality easily and your triggers can be easily changed so they no longer bother you. This may seem like a big claim, yet I have worked with people like you with debilitating anxiety in different aspects of their life become free of it using hypnotherapy and or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These incredible results are usually achieved within one session, sometimes a second session is required to completely clear the anxiety.

Because the techniques I use are un-intrusive, you do not need to re-experience the things that make you anxious and you don’t even need to share the story behind them with me. Talking about the same problem over and over again only amplifies it! The whole process can be done with complete confidence that it is all done in a content free and confidential way.

Options available;

Dave offers a comprehensive stress, anxiety and panic management programme for individuals. The programme is designed to both help with stress and anxiety in an immediate way. It also offers long term strategies so that the individual can effectively manage stress and anxiety in the future, should it arise.

No-one was born to live in a constant state of anxiety and panic. With the correct treatment, you can put these states behind you. You can move on.

Change happens fast, Phobia’s and fears can develop from one experience, therefore you can positive change can happen quickly also!

Free yourself today so that you can live your life without limitations.