Acupuncture Awareness Week at Dan-Tien

Acupuncture Awareness week 

Yes its time to familiarise yourself with Acupuncture if you haven’t already done so. And Next week from 25th of Feb to the 3rd of March is acupuncture awareness week. To mark this auspicious week we will be offering many great specials such as 1/3rd off cosmetic acupuncture treatment and 12 sessions for the price of 10. For all our new clients we are offering a special first time consultation and treatment rate of €40 that’s a saving of almost 40% to you. At Dan-tien we use use a wide range of techniques to get the best results for you. Our speciality is stopping all types of pain, including sports injuries, back ache & arthritis , we also treat stroke recovery and fertility/pregnancy issues.

There are a number of different forms of acupuncture including traditional Chinese acupuncture, auricular (ear), scalp and abdominal acupuncture. We also use mirror imaging techniques as practiced by Dr. Tan and  Master Tungs acupuncture. All these micro forms of  acupuncture use comprehensive diagnostic principles to arrive at a unique treatment plan for you. Having such a broad spectrum of acupuncture systems ensures the best possible results for you.

Benefits of Acupuncture?

You should experience some or all of the benefits listed below, benefits are wide and varied and often cover all areas of  one’s life (mental, emotional & physical).  Contact us if you would like a more accurate assesment of the benefits of acupuncture for you and your particular condition or see section what we treat on the top menu bar. Here is a list of some of the benefits you can expect to get from acupuncture

  • Improves your health and general well being.
  • Cessation of your Symptoms and the root cause of your illness.
  • Pain Relief and/ or complete Elimination of Pain.
  • Relieves stress in all its forms and manifestations.
  • Relaxes Body & Mind to facilitate better more refreshing  sleep for you.
  • Increases your Energy and Vitality.
  • Aids your digestion
  • Stimulates your immune function to prevent recurrent infection.
  • Boost’s your fertility (male & female)


* All needles are sterile and disposed of after one use

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