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At Dan-tien we use comprehensive methods to piece together a picture of your general health, physical and emotional well being. Once the overall condition has been assessed, a treatment principle can be decided which may involve some form of acupuncture, massage, acupressure, heat therapy

We can help you with…

Pain Management

Womens Health


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Our Opening Times and Location

31 Bride Street, Dublin 8

  • Monday – Thursday 10AM – 7PM

Wicklow Yoga, 2 South Quays, Wicklow town

  • Friday 10AM to 6PM
    Saturday 10AM to 3PM

We can do Hospital visits

Phone me – Dave Shipsey @ 087 9618344


Some of Our Happy Clients…

If conventional medicine didn’t work,  I recommend Dan-Tien health studio. It is perfect place to relax and to improve your health. Dave will find the root of your health problem, and he will recommend and apply best therapy to help you to  come back on the track fast. His professionalism in acupuncture and Chinese cupping amazed me, and it is really works. What is more important it is completely painless !!! Do not hesitate to choose holistic therapy in Dan-Tien. Thanks Dave.

Michal Harcej

Owner, Nanomagic

I have had acupunture from Dave for a back problem that I have had for 4 years , I was very sceptical at first to my amazement the relief that i got was unbelievable the pain went from a 10 to a 2 also lasted for 3 weeks, i would highly recommend daves treatment , the clinic also is a very lovely relaxed space.

Linda Phillips

“Firstly, having had acupuncture with Dave at ‘Dan-Tien’ to regulate my hormones for the coming months up to our IVF cycle, this I believe was vital! Then, just before egg retrieval and on the way home from our embryo transfer, I got a rash on my arms and “I knew” a foreign body had attached to my womb, that foreign is now my 2.4 year old son! For me I believe I wouldn’t have my son if it wasn’t for what acupuncture helped to do with my hormones and eggs and then our embryos plus, it helped me to relax also, amazing stuff!! Dympna Lynch March 2016 Dympna Lynch

Dan-tien health studio is registered with the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA) and the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.